Water Watchdog meets in Exeter

The Consumer Council for Water Western is inviting members of the public to its next meeting in Exeter on Thursday 23 September where the committee will be asking local water companies how they plan to promote special services for vulnerable customers.

Charles Howeson, Chair of the Consumer Council for Water Western, said: “All water companies offer special services, such as password schemes to help protect against bogus callers, Braille, talking or large print bills, and if you meet certain criteria, the company can arrange to have bottled water delivered to your door if a water main bursts and your water supply is interrupted. But we know that only about a quarter of customers are aware that this kind of help is available.

“At the meeting, we will be speaking to local water companies about how they plan to advertise these schemes to their customers, and what can be done to make these services more helpful.

“Customers should contact their company directly to find out more, or to sign up for one of these services.”

Individual customers, interest groups and representative bodies are invited to participate in the meeting to raise any issues of interest or concern. Representatives from Wessex Water, Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water, Bristol Water and South West Water will be on hand to answer questions. The Consumer Council for Water wants to increase the use of consumers’ views when key decisions are made that could affect their services, and meeting in public is an effective forum to achieve this objective.

The meeting in public will begin at 1:15 pm on Thursday 23 September at the Riverside Christian Centre at 13/14 Okehampton Street in Exeter, EX4 1DU. The agenda and full supporting papers will be available on the meeting day, or can be requested in advance by contacting the Consumer Council for Water’s Western office on 0117 955 7001.