Mixed blessings on water companies’ leakage and water efficiency performance

Mixed blessings on water companies’ leakage and water efficiency performance

Water consumers in Essex and Suffolk will benefit from improved performance by their water company on security of water supply. According to Ofwat’s new report on security of supply leakage and water efficiency, Essex and Suffolk Water has moved from a position of significant deficit to marginal deficit, measured against ideal levels.

Catherine Harvey, Chairman of CCWater Eastern, said: “We are pleased to note that Essex and Suffolk Water has significantly improved its performance during the year. As a water company operating in the driest region of the country, we applaud their actions to improve the difference between water available for use and the amount of water companies need to put into their systems to take account of fluctuating demand.

“It is important to customers that they are, and can feel, confident in the security of their water supply.”

In terms of promoting water efficiency, CCWater congratulated Essex and Suffolk Water on its commendation at the Water UK and Environment Agency’s Water Efficiency Awards for its work on dual flush toilets.

CCWater Eastern is disappointed that Cambridge Water narrowly missed its leakage target.  The company’s target was 14.00 megalitres per day and its leakage for 2004-05 was 14.16 megalitres per day.  The company has embarked on an action plan to address this situation and CCWater understands that it remains on target within its three-year rolling-average basis.

Catherine Harvey, Chairman of CCWater Eastern said: “On behalf of Cambridge Water customers we will continue to question the company during the next 12 months to seek reassurance that it is delivering its action plan to address this issue.

“Customers are very clear that requests for them to be mindful of not wasting water should be matched by companies’ control of leakage”, she added.

Notes for editors

  1. CCWater is involved in the Government’s proposed water sustainability plan. This is designed to encourage households to reduce consumption and use water more efficiently and involves all the major players in the water sector working together. CCWater has been asked to identify what water saving initiatives can help to save the most water and find out more about how we use water in the home.
  2. CCWater Eastern represents consumers of Anglian Water, Cambridge Water, Essex and Suffolk Water and Tendring Hundred Water.  It took over from WaterVoice Eastern on 1 October 2005 and was set up by the Water Act 2003.
  3. CCWater is the statutory water consumer body, and operates as a non-departmental public body reporting to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. At regional level, it is supported by nine regional committees in England and one for Wales.
  4. CCWater will publish its draft forward work programme on 29 November 2005.
  5. Our new national website is www.ccwater.org.uk