For help on how to resolve your water or sewerage problem, please follow the steps below:

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Ensure that you take the following 4 steps to making a complaint:

  Information available to consumers
1. Follow your water and sewerage company’s complaints procedure. Their contact details will be on your bill and on the company website.
  • Consumers who send a letter or email to a company are better able to explain the problem and achieve a resolution.
  • The Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) requires the company to reply within 10 working days of receiving your written complaint.
  • If it fails to, you are entitled to an automatic credit on your account.
  • Alternatively, you can make a telephone complaint and a company agent can write down what you say and agree it with you. however, this is regulated differently to written complaints.
2. If you are not satisfied with the company’’s first reply,
  •  You can ask them to review their decision at a higher stage. Most companies have two complaint stages.
 3. If you are still unsatisfied. You can contact CCWater about your complaint.
  • We will check that you have exhausted the company’’s procedure before we formally investigate.
  • If your company has not had a reasonable opportunity to address your complaint, we may advise you to contact your company first.
  • If you need assistance in making contact, we can send your complaint to your company and ask it to tell us directly how it intends to resolve the matter.
  4. How to contact CCWater.
  • You can contact us at any time about your complaint. Our services are free to customers.
  • Register and submit the online complaint form.
    CCWater will reply to you within five working days. 
  • or call us click here to find the number of your local office


WATRS – Further help if you remain dissatisfied

If you are dissatisfied after your complaint has been through the water company procedure and you’ve sought help from CCWater, you may be eligible to take your concerns to the Water Redress Scheme (WATRS).

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