We’ve launched a consultation seeking your views as on changes to our structure.

Our proposals would see CCW depart from the five committees across England and Wales. These would be replaced by two committees – one leading our work in England and another committee focused on Wales. These two committees would have a much more strategic role and would be led by our Board Chair and Wales Chair respectively, supported by a strong and experienced team.

Most of our Board would become independent members, with the exception of our Chief Executive, Board Chair and Wales Chair. A new risk-based escalation framework would be established to make sure we’re focused on confronting the most pressing consumer issues and stamping out poor performance.

We will reshape our regional teams which will continue to focus on the day-to-day operational issues, as well as spearheading our price review work.

Why are we making these changes?

The changes will ensure our new independent Board more closely reflects the structure of other similar organisations, as well as streamlining the way we operate and use information to monitor the industry’s performance. But more importantly there will be wide-ranging benefits for the industry, our partners and – most crucially – the consumers we serve.

These include:

  • For consumers: Being able to invest more of our resources in challenging and improving poor performing companies and retailers.
  • For partners: Sharing information and making sure the industry delivers on its promises to stakeholders as well as consumers.
  • For water companies: Highlighting the very best performers while providing more focused assistance to suppliers that are struggling to deliver their commitments.

The consultation is open for two months and responses need to be submitted by 30 April 2020 to yourviews@ccwater.org.uk