Some household and business consumers are unaware of our free service, which can help them resolve their complaint against their water or wastewater provider.

That means they could also be missing out on a refund, compensation or help getting the water supply or wastewater service problem fixed. We don’t think that is fair.

Making sure consumers know who their water consumer champion is represents a big step towards them getting our help and support when they need it.

To deliver our campaign, we will:

  • Drive impactful policy campaigns to ensure the CCW brand is visible to water consumers. Linking up with local or national charities where this is useful for consumers.
  • Address systemic issues by sharing best practice to ensure improved outcomes for household and business consumers.
  • Continually improve our own performance in complaint handling and our role in the overall complaints process.
  • Use the media to give a clear voice to water consumer issues and raise awareness of our role.
  • Develop a bespoke campaign identity that combines impactful design with a cohesive narrative that resonates with its intended audience and supports the objective above.
  • Boost our social media presence to increase the visibility of our service, including using case studies to showcase our consumer success stories.
  • Increase our visibility to consumers and business customers by making sure CCW’s brand and service is clear on water company websites.
  • Increase our ‘on the ground’ visibility after major water supply incidents, by providing pro-active help when it is needed to reach out to those consumers who aren’t online.

As a result, we want to see:

  • Brand recall to increase from less than 1% to 3% by 2024.
  • Our existing customers say they had heard of us prior to contacting us to increase from 18% to 30% by 2024.
  • Consumer satisfaction with CCW’s service increases to at least 80% by 2024. We will review this target at the end of 2021-22, to drive year-on-year improvement over the period of the Strategy.