Our Forward Work Programme sets out our strategic priorities and key campaigns for the coming year. We’ve also unveiled a new mission, vision and purpose that will guide everything we do, along with a new set of values to define how we do it. Watch our videos to hear from CCW colleagues about plans in England and Wales.

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Ensure people are well-informed, treated fairly and have confidence in their water services.

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We are passionate about championing the best interests of everyone who uses water, now and in the future.

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A water sector that listens to
people and delivers exceptional,
sustainable services that are
accessible to all.

Our campaigns

Credit where it’s due

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All business customers should have confidence that their money and retail service is protected. See how we plan to deliver this in our credit where it’s due campaign.

Don’t let people suffer in silence

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We believe that a reliable and consistent supply of water is the minimum water consumers should be
able to expect. We don’t want to let people suffer in silence.

End water poverty

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We are campaigning to end water poverty by implementing a single social tariff across England and Wales.

End sewer flooding misery

Flooding in the home

Being flooded with sewage – particularly inside our home or business – is one of the worst ways our wastewater company can fail us and the environment. We want to help people through our end sewer flooding misery campaign.

Our previous plans

Below you can find our previous three strategies. Older plans are available by contacting us at PR@ccwater.org.uk

2021 – 2024

2020 – 2023

2019 – 2022