Our strategy sets out the priorities and four main campaigns that will shape our work over the next three years and help us to achieve our ultimate mission – Securing a fair deal for water consumers, now and in the future.

We have five objectives to help us achieve our mission:

  • Affordable water for everyone
  • Climate-resilient water and sewerage services for present and future consumers
  • Services shaped by the views of consumers
  • Services that meet everyone’s needs
  • Effective and easy-to-follow complaint processes

Our strategic campaigns:

Our campaigns have been shaped by a continuous review of our policy priorities in response to the changing needs of both household and business consumers, and we’ll be working hard over the coming months to bring these to life in a way that resonates with consumers. Our work on consumer complaints provides immediate support for water consumers when they need it most and – coupled with our research – provides us with valuable insight into the issues that need to be resolved.

Our four campaigns to help us deliver our mission are:

stressed man worried about high billsEnd water poverty

Water companies do offer help through social tariffs, but the number of people who we think could qualify for this support far exceeds the level of funding that is available.  We want to help everyone who struggles to pay their bills through our end water poverty campaign

call centre agents wearing headsets and working on their computersCCW: a voice for your complaint

We want to make sure consumers know who their water champion is so that they get our help and support when they need it. See how we plan to deliver this in Our CCW: a voice for your complaint campaign

hiker crossing a stream while exploring in the woodsEnd sewer flooding misery

We want to see improved service standards for victims of sewer flooding, including additional support and compensation for those who are suffering repeated sewer floods in our end sewer flooding misery campaign

Old woman with gray white hair and glasses sitting talking on the phone.“Be in the know” about available help

Water companies offer services for water consumers if they need extra help or support.  We want to make sure water consumers are aware of services that are available to them in our “Be in the Know” about available help campaign.

You can find out more about these campaigns and our work in our full strategy:

Our previous plans

Below you can find our previous three strategies, formerly known as the Forward Work Programme. Older plans are available by contacting us at PR@ccwater.org.uk

2020 – 2023

2019 – 2022

2018 – 2021