In this section you can find information about the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) Board Members, meetings and agendas, and how the organisation is run.

Meet the Board

You can find out more about each Board Member here.

Public Board Meeting Information

The agendas and minutes of all CCWater's public meetings, detailing the discussions held and the decisions made, can be found here.

Private Board Meetings

The agendas and minutes of our private Board meetings.

Board Committees

CCWater’s Board has delegated some of its functions to two standing committees. The role of the committees are set out in this section and can be found here.

Board Members’ Expenses

You can view the expenses claimed by Board Members here.

Board Governance

You can view CCWater's Board Governance documents here.

Board Register of Interests

Details of Board Member's direct or indirect interests outside of CCWater.