We have delivered a wide range of benefits for water consumers, so far we’ve achieved:

Water meter showing usage

More than £15 million the potential bill savings thousands of households were able to identify through using our water meter calculator.

Piggy bank with calculator

Just over £4 million in potential welfare payments that thousands of cash-strapped households may be able to claim after using our Benefits Calculator.

a young woman going through her domestic bills.

Almost 750,000 low-income households now receiving reduced bills through water companies’ social tariff schemes, which we helped the industry develop and promote.

Studio portrait of a young woman looking through a magnifying glass against a brown background

142 investigations we carried out where we felt a water company or retailer’s handling of a complaint had been poor and not delivered a fair outcome for the consumer.

New Twenty pound notes released 20 Feb 2020. Macro close up of this new polymer note with pound coins on top of it

Nearly £1.5 million in financial redress that we helped to secure for consumers after resolving their complaint against a water company or water retailer.

Customer service feedback

4 major research reports we commissioned to broaden our understanding of consumers’ views and campaign for changes from the water industry, regulators and governments.

Close up head shot smiling friendly Indian woman wearing headset

More than 2,000 people supported with enquiries about their water and sewerage services.

Businessman wearing headset using computer

More than 10,000 complaints about water companies and water retailers that our consumer relations team stepped in to help consumers resolve.