At CCW, we define our diversity as having people with a wide range of traits, backgrounds and experiences. Being inclusive means we all feel comfortable sharing our ideas and perspectives, because our differences are respected and valued. Every member of the organisation feels safe, accepted and appreciated with an equal opportunity to grow and succeed at work.

Our journey

We are committed to looking inwards and making changes in every aspect of our work, from our culture right through to our policies and procedures.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and valued at work, so we’re always looking for ways to make a positive impact on our culture and ways of working. We understand the value of recognising and celebrating our differences and skills, and we encourage our employees to develop their careers.

We understand that equality, diversity and inclusion is a journey. In order for us to be truly inclusive, we must continue to improve our culture, explore all our options, and review our work on a regular basis. To do this, we have split our work into three key areas:

Uniqueness and respect

Having an environment and community where everyone feels able to be themselves


Standing together embracing our commonality and diversity

Individual needs and flexibility

The flexibility of our organisation for everyone’s individual needs

Our pledge

Our Diversity and Inclusion group is driving change throughout CCW in order to make it a more diverse and inclusive place to work. We pledge to:

  • Embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the heart of our culture
  • Celebrate and value all of our people and their differences
  • Strive to reflect the diverse community we serve