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    Review targets stronger support for customers struggling to afford water bills

    Stronger support for household customers who are struggling to afford their water bills has moved closer with the launch of a major review into existing assistance schemes. The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) has today issued a call for evidence after being asked by the UK and Welsh Governments to undertake an independent review of…

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    CMA: is the customer voice being heard?

    More customer engagement was carried out at PR19 than in any previous price review. But how has this translated into tangible outcomes for consumers, and is the CMA listening? CCW’s Mike Keil explores whether the customer voice is being heard as the appeal process continues. A step change in both the quality and quantity of…

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    CCW shares lessons learned from 2019 Price Review

    Future price reviews must strengthen customers’ influence over every stage of the price setting process and beef up the incentives to improve customer service and reduce complaints. Those are just two of the key findings to emerge from the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCW) assessment of the 2019 Price Review which has been published today….

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    CMA publishes its Provisional Findings in review of water price controls

    This morning, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its Provisional Findings following four water companies’ appeals against Ofwat’s final determinations on price controls for 2020-25. Ofwat’s determinations set out the amount that water companies can charge their customers in that period, as well as the services and investments customers can expect to receive in…

  • Couple sitting together and looking over their financial paperwork

    Y CMA yn cyhoeddi ei Ganfyddiadau Cychwynnol wrth adolygu rheolaethau ar bris dŵr

    Y bore yma, cyhoeddodd yr Awdurdod Cystadleuaeth a Marchnadoedd (CMA) ei Ganfyddiadau Cychwynnol yn dilyn apelau gan bedwar cwmni dŵr yn erbyn penderfyniadau terfynol Ofwat ar reoli prisiau ar gyfer 2020-25. Mae penderfyniadau Ofwat yn nodi’r cyfanswm y gall cwmnïau dŵr ei godi ar eu cwsmeriaid yn y cyfnod hwnnw, yn ogystal â’r gwasanaethau a’r…